“There’s a very powerful yogic teaching that I want to share with you. It’s said that there are three forces on planet earth and there are two powers, three forces and two powers. So the three forces are the force of longitude, the force of latitude and then the force of the diagonal. So stick with me here because it’s very profound.

The longitude and latitude… you were born, you incarnated, you came out of your mother’s womb at a very specific point on planet earth. The force of the longitude and the latitude caused or created what we call in astrology your natal chart. That’s the cards you were dealt based on all the previous karma, all the previous activities of all the previous lifetimes that you’ve lived and so that has given the tone to your life. It doesn’t dictate what’s going to happen in your life, that’s not what the chart is telling us, but it’s saying, “these are the tendencies, this is the tone.”

Now the two powers are The Power Of The Lever and The Power Of The Lens. The power of the lever gives a human being the ability to move that which one normally doesn’t have the ability to move. In your life you have to move things; you have to move your energy, you have to move your emotion, you have to move your thoughts, you have to move your business forward, you have to move your life forward and so forth. So you have to move the energy of your life in order to activate or in order to fulfill your mission of what you’re here to do. The power of the lens gives a human being an ability to see what one normally wouldn’t have the ability to see. This is the power of the third eye, of intuition, to know what normally isn’t available to know by the normal thinking mind, the intellect; ‘business as usual.’ So these two powers, the power of the lever and the power of the lens, are the two powers that a yogi is harnessing in the meditations, in the yoga practices in order to access the force of what we call the diagonal.

The diagonal force… because you have the longitude and latitude you were born, you’re here, you have the time and space but how are you going to cut through the life? How are you going to move your life out of just its normalcy into the ‘dharmic vibration’ or the high frequency vibration of your prosperity, of your fulfillment, of your beauty, of your radiance?

Through the power of the lever and the power of the lens, these 2 essential powers that really every human being needs to utilise in order to have the ultimate fulfillment of what it means to actually be alive. In Kundalini Yoga we use this power of the lever, the power of using the body to lift up the prana and the power of the lens giving us the ability to open up the third eye, to open up the intuitive mind so that you can move into the heightened prosperity, the elevated mission of what you’re here to do and that which ultimately gives you true long lasting fulfillment.”

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Jai Dev Singh delivers these very words and encourages the participation in what he calls a “global mandala or planetary mandala” created through the vibration of yogis around the world chanting the Long Ek Ong Kars in what’s known as the Adi Shakti Mantra or Morning Call. Listen to his explanation in how this, “mantra based meditation works using the Power Of The Lever… through the navel, breath and sound current the most powerful assets you have as a human being from the yogic perspective.”

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