Here is Judy’s latest blog and for me the resonance was our ability to merge duality into oneness. This means not being stuck with the frustration of trying to balance a swinging pendulum but to allow both sides to exist and through that acceptance we transcend duality into a higher state of being. It takes practice to master such an art but every human being has the potential to achieve this if they initiate themselves to the dedication of authentic inner healing.

I wondered the other day why in Britain when we ask a dog to walk by our side we say, “heal.” Now it makes sense to me that if you want to walk by God’s side you must first learn to heal. This requires great patience, humility and grace. It is not a journey dictated by your own terms but by your ability to let go of control and trust in a far deeper wisdom that you absolutely have the right to relate to.

May we all wake up to the truth of who we are and thank you Judy again for your own light and guidance:

Enjoy & with love