Once again I take a moment to share Judy Fraser’s latest blog. This time she continues to touch on the process we may be experiencing during these changing and challenging times. She reminds us that we are in a period of awakening that requires looking deeply within and taking responsibility in order to alter outdated ways of action and reaction within ourselves. However it is only by owning our inherited conditioning or mechanisms of operation that we can forgive, heal and surrender what we realise is no longer working for us. This then creates space for new and literally lighter ways of being. Particular points that interest me is her mention that, “discomfort can come from our sinuses, that connect to our inner ear and are super sensitive to dimensional shifts.” The last few years I thought I was beginning to suffer from hay fever and other allergies but after failed test results it was concluded I probably have Rhinitis. Of course I may simply have Rhinitis but I was just interested in her comment.

She touches on the humility and patience we must learn to imbue and synchronise ourselves with. Stamping our feet that the world isn’t doing what we want nor when we want will provide no solution and if our modus operandi isn’t in line with a Greater Will we will simply continue to suffer.

Our ego must merge with our connection to the Divine within and although this may sound unbelievable or even fantastical it is only by opening our minds, stepping up to the potential of its truth and seeking out teachers or techniques that support this process, that you start to ‘experience’ the reality of your own transformation. It is not a message to preach at others just one to share in the hope it becomes an experience for all.

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Enjoy & with love