A new term starts and I do hope you have enjoyed the summer months in whatever you have got up to. Below is the link to Judy Fraser’s latest blog and her continued words of wisdom explaining the subtleties involved to living successfully on a spiritual path. To me, the two key points she highlights are the art to letting go and allowing yourself to remain open, in heart and mind, to ‘what is’ rather than the need to control or manipulate circumstances. Also, understanding ourselves spiritually means we explore our most subtle and energetic nature. In the case of Kundalini Yoga we use the practice to clear out our mental or emotional cobwebs that may be hindering us from experiencing our true selves or inhibiting how we live our lives. It is a literal experience of clearing space within us energetically through the use of asanas, pranayam & meditation that helps cleanse, clear & create space for the new.

This concept works on many levels even to the cathartic experience of clearing a cluttered room in your home or simply cleaning your house. You feel good after your endeavours and create the opportunity for something else to occur in that space.

Click on the link below to be directed to her blog and the i-Sky website.


Enjoy & with love