Happy New Year!! Here are some words of wisdom by Shiv Charan Singh on the numerology for the year 2016 that includes a lovely link to a short video on how to perform long Sat Nams with celestial communication. Shiv Charan Singh is the founding director of the Karam Kriya School and co-founder of Quinta do Rajo with its headquarters in Portugal.
2016 = 9: the meanings and implications.
The seemingly impossible journey from conflict, unrest, fear and/or trauma to peace. This is neither a forecast, a prediction nor a prophecy. Merely an invitation to take advantage of the phenomena (2+0+1+6=9) to focus on some themes that can be associated with the number combination of 2016, 16, 6. The suggestion is to focus on transparency and sensitisation to the subtle and essential. To enquire about the true meaning and essence behind all we perceive and all our communications. This calls for:
• Clarity and consciousness: to decipher what is ambiguous and vague.
• Fearlessness and responsibility: to take a position, to represent (stand for) and speak for the subtle essence.
• A feeling for the simple and hidden beauty.
• Sensitivity to the movement and moments of grace; which way the wind is blowing.
• The strength to face the challenges that will require tolerance beyond measure.

The highest expression of transparency is to see all people, all manifestations and phenomena, as expressions of the subtle (The World Soul). If you are ready then you will commit to and impose upon yourself, that you shall interpret every event as a direct movement of the World Soul.
Conflict is a pervasive force across the planet, in spite of so many efforts towards peace. Conflict continues to hold the attention of the world. To walk towards peace requires that you confront the conflict within yourself and to do this in service of the world. Then to see through the conflicts in your own family and home. Perceive the beauty and the magic of the World Soul present as the impulse working behind the scenery. Only with
these personal steps can we renew our perception of conflict in the world and glimpse the long and subtle path to global peace.
Sometimes we do not recognise the real nature of the conflict. Here are some examples that call for our attention:
• How our (physical, emotional and mental) defence mechanisms, built to protect us, have equally become our prison.
• The struggle to balance essential intention with the status quo of traditional structures.
• The struggle between the sense of duty as defined by the ego-world of man’s mind versus the duty given by alignment to the spirit (Higher Consciousness).
• Random individual efforts that quickly fade into the background versus the collective mind working with applied intelligence for lasting change.
• Wanting to do something to improve your world and the world, as a distraction from realising what we need to stop doing.

Intuition (anticipatory consciousness) that recognises, accepts and agrees to the Universal Principles is needed to make the difference. It will never be enough to pray for and mentally project peace. Breathe peace and bring it into your blood stream – this will make a difference.
The Subtle Body can be equated with the World Soul. It has been calling humanity louder and louder, year by year. May this year of 2016 bring vision and clarity:
• That we may know the message of the World Soul.
May we direct and hold our attention towards the World Soul.
May the Soul of the World bless us with its treasures.
• That our presence may bring the fragrance of peace.
May the barriers to peace be broken to dust.
May we live and shape our lives in relation to the World Soul and each, in our own way, be instruments for peace.

It is a year to step aside and make room for the younger generation. For example Guru Tegh Bahadur, the 9th Sikh Guru, was guided to his destiny by his own 8 year old son; so listen to the younger generation – they see and know things that the previous generation may not.
Yogi Bhajan would often mention how meditating on Sat Naam would eventually lead one to the state of realisation as expressed through Wahe Guru. Meditate on Sat Naam to
purify your consciousness, open the doors to the subtle domain, and make it possible to perceive the revelation of the treasures that surround you; thus you will exclaim “Wahe Guru!”

Recommended Meditation Practice:
long saaaaaat nam. 11, 22, or 31 minutes is fine.
sa ta na ma (the cycle of life) is the sequence 6789. 6 is the key number – from 16 (in 2016). The art of the sequence is to stay in the 6, hence long saaaaaa and to call the 7–8–9 to come to the 6. The long aaaaaa give a chance for transparency (7 from 16). We are calling the 9 (2016 adds up to 9). 9 is calmness, orientation for the soul and spiritual strength. It equates with:

– developing a sensitivity to the subtle body so we may have intuitive, conscious clarity about its guiding hukam (order) in our lives. May this transition bring you deeper understanding. May your Arc-line be filled and radiate.
– the presence of your higher consciousness.May your presence break down the barriers to peace. May we each, in our way, be instruments for peace.
love and blessings, Shiv Charan Singh