We start a new half of term and head closer to Christmas. With that in mind this term will be about building our inner vitality and releasing stress in preparation for the festive season.
“To be able to know ourselves clearly and to walk around like Buddha, Christ, Guru Nanak, or any other enlightened being, with openness & compassion for all people, we must be relaxed inside. We cannot be defensive. Instead we must be filled with the vitality & openness that allows all our cells and thoughts to communicate in unison with each other and with the people that we meet. Monitoring, developing and projecting from the vitality of our inner world changes the outer world and is one of the arts of a yogi.
Each of us wants to awaken vitality, recognise and release stress and master relaxation. Yogi Bhajan would say ‘we experience stress or strain when our inner resources are insufficient or blocked and so we cannot respond to challenges effectively.’
Stress is not an illness, it is a condition. In this sense it is a general sign of ‘distress’ in an organism. In engineering it refers to “the external force exerted on a body that tends to strain or deform its shape.” In this broad sense, stress means the pressure that life exerts upon us and the way this pressure makes us feel, act or how we respond to it. Too much unprocessed stress will ultimately ‘distort’ us. We lose our shape, our focus and our sense of self.
Many of the kriyas and meditations that Yogi Bhajan gave for increased vitality gradually build energy within our systems, circulate the energy we already have or release the blocks keeping us from our own energy. The goal is to use the energy that is always and naturally with us. He thought of vitality as a property of our being and a quality of our spirit. It is not so much something that we get, acquire or possess but rather a gift that is always within us, which we can accept, nurture and release. Vitality is expressed in our flow of life and in our intuitive sense that guides us to act with integrity, innocence and kindness.”
Self-Edited extracts from the Kundalini Research Institute – Level 2 – Aquarian Teacher Manual on Vitality & Stress