10th Body - Radiant BodyThe Radiant Body gives us spiritual royalty and radiance. At every stage of our soul conscious journey the soul is drawn to the light; now within the tenth body it once more immerses itself in it. The Radiant Body acts when we are shining like the sun, our shield is on and we are bright and beautiful. It doesn’t work when clouded by fear and we are imbalanced in our identity. Fortune comes to us not because we deserve it but because of our electromagnetic field and the radiance of our tenth body. Its strength and magnetic attraction gives us courage to face any obstacle and we approach life with an ‘all or nothing’ attitude; always giving 110%.

The first nine bodies are mostly receptive – they receive information and communicate to us. Our Radiant Body is the natural result of the electromagnetic activity of the other nine bodies. In order for there to be a natural balance our bodies must project as well as receive. Therefore the Radiant Body is the electromagnetic projection of the essence of the other nine bodies. It is through the Radiant Body that our inner radiance is then communicated to the world.

This is where the power of Kundalini Yoga takes effect as it builds the strength in you, so you become you. All our fears, conflicts and duality start to melt away. Our reality changes and we consciously attract the things we want or need through our Radiant Body. The sophistication of any spiritual practice works because it requires a disciplined union with consciousness. You can’t trick or manipulate the Divine and your authenticity is what you both gauge and are gauged by.

Our journey to the light within relies on taking responsibility of ourselves, all deeds and intentions, so as we work through our own darkness we transform through revelation or epiphany. The natural result of experiencing this awareness comes with a deep sense of gratitude, humility and grace. Once you switch on your light no matter how challenging or even painful the road ahead may be, you may wish to temper your pace but few would choose to turn it off.

Inspiration & thanks goes to The Kundalini Yoga Experience by Guru Dharam S. Khalsa & Darryl O’Keeffe and Waves of Healing by Siri Atma S. Khalsa, M.D.