kundalini ProcessThe purpose of the body is to be a good vehicle for your mind and the purpose of the mind is to be a good vehicle for the pure, unadulterated, unfiltered projection of your soul or pure consciousness or what the yogis called the Atma, the living love intelligence that exists inside every single human being. So this body/mind vehicle, this type of biological organism, serves a very clear purpose and the ancients knew that the purpose of this vehicle is to activate or to accelerate or to amplify what can be referred to as the spiritual process; the evolution of the consciousness inside of the organism or the activation in the awakening of your consciousness.

This is what the yogis called Kundalini or the Kundalini Process. So not only is the purpose of the body/mind vehicle to activate this spiritual process but in fact the body and the mind is designed for this purpose, meaning your fingers, your toes, the tongue, the pituitary gland, the optic nerve, the hair on the body. Everything on your body and in the mind is designed for the purposes of you become You. Of the dormant sleeping consciousness awakening and all happiness, all love, all prosperity, all good things come from this process.

Furthermore if this process isn’t being activated in our lifetime, while we still have the precious body/mind vehicle, then it is very likely that lower frequency mental, physical and emotional states will set in such as depression, chronic anxiety or chronic anger; deeper states of suffering and misery.

It is the job of every single human being to activate his or her spiritual process. Therefore Kundalini Yoga is a specific technique to stimulate and regulate this spiritual process. It uses the body, the mind and all the natural human faculties to raise the kundalini in you and initiate happiness, spiritual fulfillment, love and the prosperity of your radiance.

The mildly edited words of Jai Dev Singh