Well firstly I must apologise for the delay in sharing Judy Fraser’s blog this time. There is no excuse really just that I haven’t had time. So here we are again and below is the link to click on if you want to take advantage of Judy’s wise words.


The resonance for me is touching on the work we continue to do within ourselves in order to clear out old hurt and pain. From the yogic perspective this can be understood as our samskaras or the clearing of our karmic debt so that the heart and mind become unified. This is the process we must go through in order to undertake and understand our own awakening, which poetically means we can maintain compassion towards the pain of others even if their story is different from our own. There are a number of people now on the planet who have done enough of their own clearing in order to know who they are and their purpose. In this state regardless of the challenges life will still ask of them they’ve raised their vibration to exist on a stable foundation of trust, both within themselves and the world around them. They have seen through the Maya, the veil of illusion and often people who come to this realisation dedicate their life to being of service to others so that all sentient beings can know the truth of who they are and why they are here. The vow of the Bodhi Sattvas, “as long as space endures, as long as time endures may I keep returning to serve the One until all sentient beings are liberated.”

The other aspect I enjoyed was and I quote, “we are┬ácoming full circle…returning to the place we left off when our awakening was triggered, albeit at a higher level of the spiral, with a whole new perspective and way of being.” This reflects where the planet is on it’s own journey and how part of the reason for many of us initiating our process of awakening is to assist humanity to the next level of the spiral or consciousness. So we can coexist with open hearts & minds collaborating and sharing knowledge without fear or insecurity and to live in synchronicity with all Earth’s blessings.

Enjoy & with love