What is our conscience?

Our conscience is an internal barometer that indicates whether our actions/behaviour are separate or in alignment with our soul. If we act from a place of separation we can be clouded by fear or self-doubt that limits us to act with our own interests at heart. If we are in alignment with our soul we have an expanded sense of knowing that gives us the courage to make decisions based on a wider viewpoint. In a sense we develop the refinement of having ‘a clear conscience.’ Of course our conscience will be influenced by the environment we grow up in, the laws from where we live and also our own core values but it is interesting to observe when, as an internal instrument, it can run on overdrive and to our detriment.

Our conscience serves a purpose so we can set a course to gauge right action and is developed through the enhancement of living with an ever present connection to the ‘now.’ It is when we over analyse the past that we can become harsh critics of ourselves, feel responsible for more than we should and are often out of sync with reality. I appreciate there are extremes and of course we must take responsibility for our actions, offer apologies where appropriate and have the courage to admit when we’re wrong. To attend to these often creates the resolution for us to learn from and move on. No doubt each of us has learned lessons from all our experiences whether judged good or bad. However to self-flagellate can easily become a mental default setting and a habit that turns in on ourselves in an agony we are not meant to suffer.

From my own experience and observation of others I am aware of these negative mental patterns, punishing ourselves in ways that are not deserved nor serve us. Our conscience is part of our being but for us to understand how it can function in harmony there is often work to be done within. We need to observe conditioning we have inherited or by our own doing put upon ourselves, we need to look at our protection mechanisms and what triggered their creation so our relationship with our conscience stops being painful & becomes a valued, enriching form of guidance. It’s amazing how comfortable so many of us become with self-suffering, like it is normal and accepted as how humans experience themselves. However this is one of the fundamental misunderstandings in our existence, once we see our negative habits and why we have them then we start the journey to heal ourselves and let them go.

Humanity and our capacity to be truly wonderful, loving and completely balanced within and upon this earth is a possibility for all. We need to cultivate the understanding of how our subtle nature co-exists with our physical being. The results are not to foster a fragile, imbalanced ego but a deeper sense of self-worth that nurtures what we give to ourselves becoming a greater source of compassion for others. As we embody this the capacity for change in humanity is without limits. It may sound far-fetched when you think of what goes on in this world today but we have to start somewhere, our final frontier is within, learning to ‘love’ ourselves and appreciating the incredible gift we have for being ‘human’… a man of light!